Best-in-class queue management software for retailers

Safer Lines was launched in February 2020 in response to retailer challenges that begin to emerge by Coronavirus becoming a global pandemic.

It became apparent to our founding team that as the COVID-19 disease spread, retailers would have to offer increased safety for customers through social distancing, store capacity limits, improved queueing, increased curbside pickup, more home delivery, and more.

Safer Lines provides an easy way for retailers to deploy a safe and effective virtual queue system, track store capacity, and handle curbside pickup.


Customers can join a queue from their home or in the car without walking up and standing in line around other customers.

They track their place in line from their mobile device and are notified when it's appropriate to leave their car and approach the entrance.

Safer Lines allows customers to stay isolated in their car, out of the weather and around other customers, until it's safe to enter.

Retailers must quickly adapt to new social distancing standards and customer/staff safety protocols. Safer Lines enables retailers of all sizes to cost-effectively manage queues, tally customers, and effectively conduct business in a post COVID era.

Built-in NZ for retailers everywhere

The company's software and customer experience team is based in New Zealand, where creativity and hard work come hand in hand. Our sales and operations teams are based in the USA, providing support to clients globally.

Safer Lines is designed and built in New Zealand for the global marketplace to provide a best-in-class queue management system for retailers.

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Meet our Leadership team

SaferLines is a global company with team based in the USA, New Zealand, and Australia.