Managing customer lines and tracking store capacity requires training, more workers, and has a high risk for customer dissatisfaction.

Retailers who use Safer Lines simplify the deployment and operation of customer queues for their staff. Plus, you gain a competitive edge over competitors by giving customers a convenient and safer way to queue.

Our mobile-friendly tool is fast and simple for retailers to implement and works for both consumers with smartphones and those without. Social distancing isn’t hard when you use technology to limit crowds gathering in the first place.

Want to see a live demo? Or talk specifics?

We’re happy to set up a call with your store operations and digital teams.

FYI, we’re releasing a more formal demo video soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this walkthrough with James Burnes, our head of product.

The software works on any web-enabled device – so no downloads required. We’re excited to show more soon. Hopefully this video gives you a taste of the customer and staff experience using Safer Lines. Interested in buying? Contact our sales team at